Training – Gym Battles & Righteousness

Training – Gym Battles & Righteousness

Not every training session, workout, or month will you see or experience the gym as exciting. Working out is tough and some days will be great while others have you battling through each rep and set. Training is always a battle, “IT’S WARFARE” for those that choose to train. 

Being battle ready is critical in the gym. You have to fight everyday and that’s the truth. Those weights don’t get any lighter and if you believe that getting stronger is training light (aside from de-loading), you’ve already been mislead. Don’t be lead astray with what social media is showing you. Much of it is FAKE!

I see many sites, posts on Facebook, or social media that portray the “everything is great” or cruise ship mentality. [The cruise ship mentality is a fake position on reality.] The reality is that the battle in training and life is real. It’s warfare! That doesn’t mean you can’t have great days because there are many of them, we just need to fight for them. 


Question – What battle and what’s this warfare thing you always talk about?

Answer – Family life, marriages, day to day jobs, dealing with people and anything you want to add. An evil wants to destroy you and everything thats good around you, don’t let it.

Question – What does staying in shape do for you!?  

Answer– Exercise increases everything for good. 


If you slack off from training, your mind and body feel it. The lazy mindset creeps in and before you know it, you’re eating cake and ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Comfort can be dangerous when we get too much of it. 

Question – What comforts?

Answer – Too much sleep, too much sitting, too much food etc.


I’m not saying you shouldn’t relax from time to time, but too much of doing nothing should not be tolerated. All this does is promote bad habits that lead to destruction. 

Quick story for you…

Back in my football playing days I tore my knee. My leg was wrapped with a full cast for about a month or so. When the cast was taken off, my leg was soft and squishy. This phenomenon is called atrophy.

Simply put, atrophy is when muscle tissue decreases in size from not being used. I’m sure you’ve seen this or at least heard about it before. Atrophy is what happens in all areas of life when we are not productive.

Don’t get productivity confused with striving or forcing your way through situations. This may seem counterproductive in terms of the weight room, but when you strive too much you actually work against yourself. Think of a sprinter running really tight down the track and he / she will actually slow down. 



Question – How do you avoid these situations of unproductive behavior that lead us down the wrong path?

Answer – Keep training to make yourself better. That doesn’t mean you have to be some health freak everyday of the week because that can be just as dangerous as any other addiction.

Here’s the truth by righteousness…

Training Godliness, Strength, Dumbbell, Train

For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.

Lets take back what we know how to do and not let the outside influence us. To the athlete, fitness, military minded and those who wish to become better, keep on. 

Thumbs Up,

~ Joe

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