TrainedTuff Gym Wyoming Testimonial

Hear what an Army Ranger has to say about training and more…

TrainedTuff Gym Wyoming Testimonial - hear what an Army Ranger has to say about training and more...

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TrainedTuff Gym Wyoming Athletic Training


TrainedTuff Gym Wyoming Testimonial

An outdoor trail athlete gives her fitness training testimonial on how TrainedTuff Workouts has benifited her in all of her outdoor pursuits…

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TrainedTuff Gym Wyoming Testimonial

In this trainedtuff gym testimonial, a future United States Marine talks training, goals and his future plan from training in the gym to realizing his dream…

TrainedTuff Gym Wyoming | United States Marine talks training, goals and his future plans...

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TrainedTuff Gym Wyoming Testimonial

Track & field Athlete Testimonial at the TrainedTuff Gym in Wyoming….

 TrainedTuff Gym Nebraska Testimonial 

From Major Life Hurdle To Strength & Success 



I’ll never forget the list I made in my diary before the summer of my freshman year of high school. In my mind, it included the most essential characteristics I needed to possess in order to make it through these formative years unscathed. Among the top three goals I set for myself were: braces off, tan, and get skinny. Unfortunately, this list was a sad reflection of the cultural pressures I felt mounting in middle school to make it as admirable young woman later in life; and unfortunately, this list was also the start of a severe eating disorder that would rob me of the very pride and admiration I so desperately craved. Sadly, my high school years consisted of the loss of confidence, extra-curricular activities, and friends that paralleled the loss of my own physical flesh. 

The turning point in my struggles came when I began to focus on who I wanted to be rather than what I wanted to be. My eating disorder left me so physically and emotionally weak and full of self-loathing, and I didn’t like the person I saw in the mirror no matter what image reflected back at me. At the end of the day, I knew I wanted to be a strong person; not a model-skinny body. I wanted to be a confident woman, not a size 0. Although I had a recovery team of professionals helping me with these goals, I found SO much of my emotional and physical strength in the weight room. 

Joe played an integral part in forging a new relationship with myself. I gained so much knowledge about the benefits of lifting weights, proper techniques, and nutrition, but the real value came from implementing this knowledge with his support every week. I was amazed at how quickly my body adapted to the exercises and became stronger. Every week, it seemed like I was making performance gains, and I developed such a deep appreciation for what my body could do for me. I began to see food as necessary fuel for these amazing feats of strength I was achieving in the gym, and I developed such an appreciation for the complexity and capability of the human body I had never before pondered. As my physical strength grew, so too did my emotional strength and confidence. I loved being a woman in the weight room. I loved the feeling of my first pull-up, shredding previous maxes, and mastering a new technique. I owed so much of this to Joe’s consistent guidance.

To this day and many years later, I am still so appreciative of the knowledge and support I received from Joe. He was never judgmental, always patient, and so inspirational in helping me reach my goals. I worked with him on and off for several years, and I have never stopped lifting. In the end, the most valuable lesson I learned from my experience with Joe was that it’s not just about getting to the gym to lift weights. It’s about stepping outside your comfort zone and pushing yourself to be the person you are capable of being. It’s not just about obtaining physical strength, but finding mental resilience as well. It’s not just about changing your body, but changing your relationship with your body. It’s about loving yourself enough to make difficult, but healthy choices day after day. I highly encourage anyone considering embarking on this journey to health to take the leap of faith with Joe. You won’t regret it!