Strength Training Infiltration – Worldly Authorities & Principalities

Strength Training Infiltration – Worldly Authorities & Principalities

Strength training infiltration for battle ready warriors who want to crush hell is what it’s all about here. One of the main reasons we train so hard at the gym is so that we’re battle ready for when it matters. It’s not a matter of if, but when because those times will happen.

In fact, they are happening now. We want to make sure that our training makes us useful for going up against the principalities, powers, evil rulers and authorities of this dark world. So what’s the focus we all need to have? With discipline, continue to think about being strong and how that plays a major role in your everyday life. When you know who you are, you can function everywhere you go. 

The rule of evil is all around us. You can see this in small towns, large cities, communities, countries and throughout the world. More specifically, it’s the actions and motives of why people do as they do. It’s the decision to make war instead of peace. It’s the emotion of doubt, worry, fear, unbelief and anger that lead to destruction.

These worldly powers are not going away anytime soon and in fact are getting worse. What does that mean for you? Opportunity. The worlds ways of doing, being and living should be thrown out the window because all they do is mislead the people. Its not about the love of money, prestige, fame, glory or selfish motives because all of those fade away. It’s about returning good for evil and crushing hell to expose the truth.

Keep your mind on a higher vision instead of on a lower concern. It’s easier said than done, but when your understanding grasps this truth, life takes on a different meaning. You lead with faith and strength into the toughest of scenarios for success. Be that training or any other obstacle you may have. That’s not to say that you won’t slip or have rough patches because you will.

As a warrior, we are called to bring those dark situations into light. It’s tough, but we are not here to learn how to do easy things. The truth is that we are at war because of our previous decisions to disobey. It’s time to take a stand on what is evil and do what is right. Be bold and train on with faith in strength. Train and be humble so that the wicked are destroyed. This starts with right thinking and doing within each one of us as a means to the right way of living. 

~ Joe

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