Strength – For The Freedom Fighter

Strength – For The Freedom Fighter

 Secrets of strength are real and can be accessed in the gym where we train. Some would argue that this is not true because of a lost edge to training, motivation or mojo.


This disconnect is an all to common problem that steals our strengths and powers. Feelings of lack, weakness and maybe loneliness take center stage while prosperity, strength and power shrink. These feelings are much deeper than not being motivated I can assure you.


What if STRENGTH was never yours to begin with, but a gift that you were given from God? The same goes with prosperity and power. The “Real” secret to strength is to make happen what you were ordained to make happen while on this planet through right desire and motive. When you mix this concept with your strength and conditioning goals, you will greatly benefit.


Eagerly desire strength and other gifts from God without violating the rights of others or yourself and go do what you have been sent to do. However, If this is violated in exchange for evil desire you will ultimately fail.



As athletes, strength enthusiasts and people, “we reap what we sow, more than we sow later than we sow.”


Your purpose is a big one. In order for that purpose to be realized it’s critical that we abstain from the things that try to ensnare and trap us. They are temporary and under deliver in the end. This is why no amount of money, drugs, sex or alcohol can ultimately fill the human being. Being addicted to training or fitness can also cause harm.


Bad habits will eventually lead into destruction. To check that statement take a look at all the people who have been famous or are now making millions, but are miserable or dead.


I’m not saying everyone who’s famous and makes money is miserable, but there have been many that have made headlines because of the overindulgence in those areas.


Secrets of strength are real in the gym. Remember, the battle is real and unseen so be prepared out there…

~ Joe

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