Resistance Creates Massive Gains

Resistance Creates Massive Gains

Resistance creates massive gains as an appeal to heaven has become a motto of the gym. Strength gains are made overtime compared to what the world wants you to believe. Today it seems that we have lost, but are looking for something that can only be found from within. With so many distractions going on, it’s no wonder why the people continue to be blinded from the truth. 

It’s not what you receive from the iron that makes you, but what you give to it. Tapping into different strengths requires you to give your power and focus of control to the set, rep and overall program. This requires constant commitment to your overall goal. 

The gaining of strength and getting in shape process can cause people to be a little impatient. I get that, but the body does not work at the touch of a button. It’s not like we can hit google search and get exactly what we want. We think we can, but the truth is that strength gains are slow and steady. In fact anything great takes time to build. 

The worlds ways want you thinking otherwise though. As our fast paced world increases so does our impatience with everything. It’s important to take your time with focus and control in training. Shift your attention away from current circumstances that have you feeling like your taking steps backward. 

Look to the infinite or GOD like circumstances you want. Train for them constantly and don’t get sucked into believing otherwise for too long. If you fall off, and we all do, get back on. Patience requires self-control and desire. Self-control is practiced through training. Desire is heartfelt and within you always reaching for further expression. Make sure your desires are on point and for the good. 

Use that in the gym when you train. Take what you train for in the gym wherever you go. Use it for everything you do. As of now, we know that strength takes patience and patience is practiced in the gym, but what else will you learn? With patience comes faith, with faith comes belief. 


In Strength, 

~ Joe

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