Hang Cleans – Cuts & Calves

Hang Cleans – Cuts & Calves


Hang cleans are one of the prerequisites that all team sport athletes must have is the ability to violently move his or her bodyweight in space. Whether you are running in a straight line or making a cut across a football field, the production of power is critical. 


Allow me to introduce the “Hang Clean”. The Hang Clean is a ground based multi joint moment that will allow any athlete to jump higher, explode faster or extend  quicker than a hollow point chasing a jack rabbit. 



Some coaches don’t like them because of wrist and shoulder problems that will sometimes occur, but if your address mobility and soft tissue work to those areas, you will have success. The sacrifice of a little time and effort to learn the clean is worth the reward that you will receive. That reward is the gladiator beast mode physique that you will get to walk around on planet earth with. So why not conquer your prospective sport by learning the Hang Clean? 


Here’s the catch…

You must be willing to put the time in and learn them properly. This blog post will help bridge the gap between what you need to do in order to get this movement in your top three must do exercises in your program. However, a qualified strength coach is always the ultimate way to go for mastery in movement development.  Especially this one. 


Lets address the fundamentals… 

Fundamental Step # 1

Learn how to front squat properly. Front Squats will teach you how to put yourself in the proper position and work the rack position in your hang clean technique. 

Front Squat, Wyoming Training, Speed, Power,










Fundamental Step # 2

Train those traps. Upright rows help to guide the bar into the front squat position (rack) in a Hang Clean. 

Upright Row, Hang Clean, Power, Rack, Wyoming Training,









Fundamental Step # 3

Work on your Romanian Deadlifts (RDL) focusing on hip drive with proper alignment in the spine. If this doesn’t look perfect, work on your mobility. 

Romanian Deadlift, Upright Row, Hang Clean, Power, Rack, Wyoming Training,










Work on your Romanian Deadlifts (RDL) focusing on hip drive with proper alignment in the spine. If this doesn’t look perfect, work on your mobility. 

Once those three main movements are mastered, you will want to put them all together for one final victory for the hang clean.

  • Leaning the scoop is the transition from moving the bar from the second pull (romanian deadlift position to the third pull (front squat or rack position) This is key fundamental step number four.


Fundamental Step #4

Hang Clean, Scoop, Wyoming Training, Power, Speed

The scoop is a movement that takes the bar from the hip position to the rack position – FAST.  I’m talking God speed! When the scoop is done properly, the bar feels like it’s floating up as you move down to catch it in the rack position. The scoop is something that takes rep after rep to master. Give this one some time as you learn how to hang clean. 


– Focus on breaking the bar with your upper thighs and hip region. When done properly the bar will feel as if it’s floating up to you. 


*Bonus Tip

The Hang Clean also builds one of the hardest muscles to develop in the human body, the calves. Unless you’re genetically gifted with ginormous calves, those lower extremity straps of power muscle can be tough to train. Get at it!

~ Joe

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