Grow Muscle – The Focus Is On The Growth

Grow Muscle – The Focus Is On The Growth

Grow muscle because the focus is on the growth. What you focus on grows. The battle is in the gym in each workout for you to have success in your day and life. Why else do we train? For what?

This week was a series of really tough workouts. At times it seemed that there were moments I came face to face with God because the intensity in each training session was very high.

We need to crave intensity and the the work in our training for the result it will give. 

Have you lost your motivation? The new things we start often times get old quickly. It’s like that one hit wonder new song you always listened to. The same song gets old. You get that quick rush and then overtime the tune is boring. 

When we start something new there’s power in that. However, overtime that excitement loses it’s steam and we are left with a worn out idea or tee shirt. Take this initial excitement into the gym. It’s great at first and you have increase in strength, speed, weight loss etc. The next thing you know, your out. 

I see this all the time…

We get fed up with the battle and throw away our strengths and power. Initially it worked and then nothing. What’s going on here!?


Your faith to keep fighting on when nothing is happening is what we must keep fighting for. The fight can be in weight loos, muscular growth, sport or your circumstances in the outside world. 

When the fight to keep going is done with consistency you see breakthrough. Grow muscle because the focus is on the growth. Drop down in weight by training hard and eating clean. Practice when you need to show up for your sport so you can become better than last year. It’s tough, but that’s the battle. It’s the fight while getting there that gets us there. 

Does that make sense?

The battle builds character. Take the barbell for an example. You won’t automatically be big and strong with “just” one rep. The lift has to be done over and over again. 

The same goes for shooting a basketball, perfecting a start in track and field, success in relationships etc. 

That’s the battle, but you need to keep going forward. Don’t settle just because it’s comfortable. The battle is tough. When things are tough on the outside, the inside (your spirit) seeks a way through it. 


Your spirit will strengthen and find a way so long as you don’t give your power away to something or someone else. Quitting is not an option. The escape hatch can trick you into thinking that.

No way!

You must continue the good fight. In sports, you can’t practice bad six times per week and do great things on Saturday’s. That won’t happen in the gym or anywhere else we want great things to happen. What have you quit on lately?

Check this out!

[Christ himself did his training session with a cross until he was crucified for it. He didn’t quit. What happened from there was a saved world for those that choose to sacrifice.] 

That’s insane and hard hitting…

You are capable of tremendous breakthroughs. 

~ Joe

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