Athletic Warfare – Training In The Trenches

Athletic Warfare – Training In The Trenches

Athletic warfare is real. It is something that needs to be dealt with in every athlete or person. It is “fear” that is not easily understood. This “fear” can be redirected for strength, power and success in the gym and beyond.


It’s all out war right now in regards to training. Training in the trenches during the developmental process will carry you into success. It will remold the body and mind to higher levels never thought possible. 


What you learn in the gym can save you in sport and life. Psychologically and emotionally we are faced daily with battles that can seem unbearable. How do we train? How do we continue on when the proverbial ____ has hit the fan? How do we do this thing when the outside world tells us otherwise?


As cliche as this sounds, your mindset will govern what comes into your life as well as what goes out of your life.

Lets move on…


For athletic performance, here are some following questions that should be considered and analyzed in depth…


What thoughts am I entertaining in regards to my sport and future success?

How do I feel about training in the gym for my sport or what I want to do and become?

What people am I surrounding myself with that want me to succeed? These people should pick you up and add to life opposed to take away or steal your power.

Do I worry or doubt too much?


These questions will help you find your way around the suck. If negative energy is taken into your training world, it will crush you. It will redirect your focus. It can also crush others if they are unaware of whats going on.


Athletic warfare starts from above (in the heavenly rhelms) and can be conquered by accessing God. This process is enhanced or magnified during training and sport performance by the heightening of your senses in a constructive way. What you think about or even feel in your inside world is expressed in your outside world.


You will bring about training results, events based off of how you think and act while doing them. Taking action in the gym and sports is extremely necessary for the improvement of athleticism, but if those actions are inhibited by stimuluses that shut down energy producing pathways, performance is decreased.


These pathways are centers of neurological and muscular functioning that allow operation and expression in the athlete or person.


Your environment and the activities you choose to associate yourself with either build you up to be stronger or shut you down to be weaker. Do you know or do you not know that you don’t know about this environmental conditioning?


One of the best ways I can explain this is when you see a person go into the military. Before they get to the military they are normal, after, they become machines. 



The environment and people in the new environment (military) has reprogrammed the mind and body of the individual. The higher and harder the level, the greater the warrior. 


The same goes for your training environment. You will mold yourself to be, do, and become from the level of intensity, strength of determination and expectation of excellence in the gym which you train. As you train, so you become. 

In Strength…

~ Joe 

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