Strength Training – The Fix To Bad Movement

Strength Training – The Fix To Bad Movement

 Strength training fixes bad movement patterns while low strength levels increase the likely hood of injury and further body mechanic breakdown. 

lack of body control and alignment during training or practice produces unnecessary inflammations,  and ultimately low muscle production. 

In many cases force production is NOT being produced to the level it needs to be.  Improper alignment and bad body mechanics directly relate to poor force production which dumps energy from the body. 

These improper repetitive movement patterns become habitual and learned which are a major problem in sports and life. The fix needs to be addressed early rather than later. The older the athlete, the shorter the window of neuromuscular functioning.

The fix?

– Increase strength and muscle mass by proper programming to build up weaknesses early.

– Train athletes how to apply force to the barbell from ground based activities which transfers over to the prospective sport. 

– Coach proper technique and alignment to produce stronger and more powerful athletes.  

Ground Based strength training at various angles produces increased force production.

Here, proper alignment from shoulders, hips, knees and ankles at the start of a static position for a track and field athlete. 

Full hip and knee extension with arm action aids in increased force production. 

This is a full body understanding which the athlete can visualize themselves becoming and doing. Visualizing how to train is just as important as picking up a barbell and going through the movement itself. 

The mind and body must work as a unit. When and if this is done, improvements in strength, speed and power increase. If this is not done, strength gains become limited. 

Consistency accounts for everything in the gym. Build on that which you start. Without Progress there is no success. No progression means disintegration of athletic potential, strength, speed and power. 

~ Joe

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