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Wyoming Strength Training, Strength and Conditioning, Athletic Training, Fitness, SledRIVERTON, WYOMING - For every serious athlete and fitness minded person there needs to be a serious gym. TRAINEDTUFF GYM teaches it’s athletes and fitness clients movement by discipline, focus and specific exercise progression with unconventional strength training. Our strength and conditioning programs offer a multi directional approach to reaching full health, strength and power. Our groups are broken up between athletes, fitness and advanced levels. We strengthen the mind and body of each athlete or individual into the reps, sets and weights lifted throughout the trainees selected time commitment at the gym.

Wyoming Strength Training, Strength and Conditioning, Athletic Training, Fitness, Stone, SandbagOur unique training experience is made up of small group, high energy conditioning. We DO NOT offer personal or one on one training. Doing so would take away our team building concept to training . We operate in a private secluded gym located near the Windriver range in Wyoming. In some cases getting to the gym is a workout in itself and why we encourage a positive hard working attitude. The terrain surrounding the gym and equipment we work with gives the name “Rugged Strength Training” to the TRAINEDTUFF GYM. Stones along with sandbags are a few of those pieces of equipment that you will get to train with while here. We are not concerned with the latest fad or gimmick, but are concerned with nothing, but the truth, “training takes commitment and work”. It is simple, but not easy.

The gym and it’s coaches value each potential member and are committed to your success. A three month minimum gym membership (excluding in season athletes) is required for all entry level trainees. If you are interested in joining a group to begin your training program, a baseline level of strength must be something that you are capable of. Basic body weight squats, pushups, and walking lunges are prerequisites. In order for you to get the best results possible, we take training seriously and would ask that you please do the same.

We look forward to serving you and your training goals. Thank you for choosing THE TRAINEDTUFF GYM, Rugged Strength Training.

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